We specialise in converting your existing bathroom so that you can continue to enjoy as much access to your bathroom as possible.

Accessible bathroom design has improved over the years. We can replace your existing bath with a walk in and sit down shower room. We work with several leading bathroom manufacturers to ensure that you get a new bathroom suite that you are happy with.

We can provide a complete transformation service.  We will remove your old suite, reposition any pipework, position and plumb in your new suite and tile your bathroom.


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Accessible bathroom

You can see in the following pictures, the new shower area has a folding seat that allows the choice of either sitting down in the shower or standing up. There are no issues with having to be lifted into the bath as we have replaced the bath with a walk in shower.

The accessible bathroom design allows the user to retain independence for longer, and also means that if there is someone in the household with mobility issues, they are able to use the bathroom more easily.

This bathroom is a recent example of our work.


Accessible bathroom design

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